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    Weighted Vest Jacket For Workout & Running

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    Take your training to the next level with this durable Weighted Vest for high-performance runs and bodyweight workouts.

    Discover our loaded military weighted vest for your bodybuilding. Increase the difficulty of your exercises such as push-ups, dips, and push-ups with an extra load to push your limits. This will improve your muscle-building at the professional level. It is extremely easy to use and with removable weights, each athlete can customize their perfect resistance level. You can continue to practice your sport 100% with quality equipment to continue your efforts and increase your physical performance.

    This weighted vest allows you to increase your muscular strength and your resistance. With the possibility of distributing the load to be transported, you can target the areas on which you want to work. Perfect for increasing the intensity and effectiveness of your training and getting quick results.

    Easy to put on and adjust according to your morphology, you can continue to progress for many years and build an athletic physique without leaving home.


    • The military load weighted vest is a universal and versatile training device with weights.
    • It allows you to improve your strength and endurance, and to develop your muscles during your training.
    • The materials used to assure you of high resistance.
    • The military weighted vest is easy to maintain and clean.
    • Perfect for runners, sports training, and anyone looking to add resistance to their sports training.
    • Can be used by men and women during their fitness and weight loss sessions.
    • Designed for intense efforts and adaptable to all body types.


    •  Weights Plates Not Included



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