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    Soil Ph Meter Soil Tester 3/4 in 1 PH Moisture Meter

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    Handheld Soil pH Meter – Soil pH Tester With Thermometer

    Ever wonder what else you can do to help your plants thrive? Try testing the pH of your soil with our Handheld Soil pH Meter – Soil pH Tester With Thermometer!

    A soil pH meter is definitely an essential tool for any serious gardener, and using a soil ph tester before every growing season and interpreting the results correctly could mean the difference between a bumper crop, and a total fail. A soil pH tester is a very useful gadget to ensure optimal plant growth and crop yield, because it allows nutrients to be freely available for plants to take in. Testing the pH of your soil helps to determine what plants are best suited for that area. To figure out the best pH for your needs, do a little bit of research on the type of plants that you want to grow. Natural soil is typically between pH 4 and pH 8. If your soil’s pH doesn’t match the plants optimal range, you’ll need to treat your soil.

    Handheld Soil pH Meter - Soil pH Tester With Thermometer

    Our Handheld Soil pH Meter – Soil pH Tester With Thermometer is just the perfect tool that will let you know just how acidic your soil actually is. Sometimes soil needs supplements, like fertilizers and soil pH adjusters, for plants to be able to thrive. Measuring the pH can help you figure out what and how much you need. Robust plants start from the ground up, and maintaining healthy soil is the first step towards a successful crop. In fact, knowing your soil acidity levels when looking at making adjustments to its pH is vital. This is because an increase of 1 on a soil pH meter translates to 10 times the acidity of the soil in chemistry terms and will directly affect your planting and growing capabilities in your garden. This soil pH meter provides not only the soil pH level but also the moisture level and the light intensity and absorption levels. In fact, if you are looking for an accurate soil pH meter that is easy to use, then this electronic one will prove to be ideal.

    Handheld Soil pH Meter - Soil pH Tester With Thermometer

    This soil pH meter is best suited for gardening novices, landscapers, and those needing quick accuracy. It is a useful piece of kit which will provide a fairly accurate reading of your soil pH level. The unit consists of a clear digital screen that displays the measurement of the soil temperature, soil pH, soil moisture, and sunlight intensity. Attached to the case of the soil pH tester via is the metallic probe. This looks a bit like a metal chopstick, and this is what is inserted directly into the soil to give you a fast and accurate reading.

    Direct testing with the soil pH meter gives you the benefit of not needing to take soil samples, because the pH is tested right in the ground as it is.

    How to Test Directly in Soil

    1. Using an auger or ruler, first put a hole down into the soil. The hole needs to be the same depth each time you test to avoid pH discrepancies.
    2. Add some distilled or deionized water to the hole; the soil should be damp but not saturated with water.
    3. Insert the soil pH meter into the hole, and allow for the reading to develop or stabilize.

    Handheld Soil pH Meter - Soil pH Tester With Thermometer

    Features and Benefits:

    • Quick & accurate reading.
    • Reusable and lasts for many years.
    • No mess or confusing elements.
    • No fuss or constructing of parts.
    • Fast and precised measurements
    • High accuracy
    • Backlight feature
    • Great tool to help fix your lawn when grass does not want to grow in certain areas of your yard

    Handheld Soil pH Meter - Soil pH Tester With Thermometer


    • Measurement of soil pH, PH measurement range: 3.5 to 9.0
    • Measurement of soil temperature, temperature measurement range: -9 ~ + 50 ℃ (16 ~ 122 ℉), (accuracy: 1 ℃ / 1 ℉)
    • Operating temperature: + 5 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃
    • Material: Stainless Steel + Plastic
    • Dimensions: 5 x 3.8 x 28.5cm
    • Probe length: 20.5cm

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Soil pH Tester



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