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    Every outdoorsman who loves wilderness probably knows how tough some adventures can be. We know it very well and that´s why we designed our MultiPole™. It brings ultimate safety and comfort in any terrain. Enjoy your adventures without having to worry about safety!


    Since we know that wilderness can be full of unexpected surprises we equipped out tactical trekking pole with multiple other functions that will help you tackle those unexpected situations. Not only will MultiPole™ take off the majority of your bodyweight in rugged terrain, it will also serve you in many other aspects of outdoor life.


    Engineered from high quality aluminium alloy and shock-absorbent carbon fiberMultiPole™ is guaranteed to survive even in worst of conditions without degrading. Collapsible design is much more durable compared to folding sticks. Our tactical pole can easily handle a person´s bodyweight without damage. That´s how sturdy it is! 


    Detachable design allows you to disassemble it to several sections for convenient storage and carrying. Assembling is very easy process. Simple screw the parts together with specific required one at the top. That way you can build it according to your current needs. Package includes pouch for comfortable carrying.


    The ergonomicnon-slip foam grip absorbs moisture and provides comfort during long outdoor walks.



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