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    Mosquito Net Hammock

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    Love to relax in nature, but the bugs won't leave you alone? You need this Mosquito Net Hammock!

    Mosquito Net Hammock

    The whine of a mosquito may be the most annoying sound on earth — and if you’re in a zone where mosquitoes transmit disease, it can also be a dangerous one. 

    If you’re planning to camp, kayak, hike, or garden, you can prevent mosquito bites before you’re attacked by the bloodthirsty arthropods.

    Now we've added this ingenious, Mosquito Net Hammock with netting that easily zips around the hammock to give you 360 degrees of protection from irritating bugs!

    The mosquito net can be easily removed so that you can use the hammock separately and just relax!

    Mosquito Net Hammock

    This Hammock is strong, tough and comfortable and can fit two people in it so you can enjoy those beautiful moments with a loved one.

    Lightweight & Portable

    • The camping hammock is only about 1 pound.
    • You can just put it in your backpack and go wherever you want, perfect for camping, outdoor activities, picnics, adventures, backpacking, hiking etc.


    Also, this hammock is very lightweight and compact which makes it easier to take on your backpacking travels, hiking, trekking, and camping. Just attach the hammock to your bag and you have a high-quality hammock to rest in anywhere you go.

    Ultralight and Easy to Set up:

    This hammock is ultralight so you won't even feel a thing when you are on the go. You can set this up and pack it up in minutes, just fold it up and place it in the portable bag and then attach it to your backpack, and wallah, the jobs are done. This is literally the best hammock every outdoor enthusiast needs.

    Mosquito Net Hammock

    Extremely easy to install.

    Simply fix the hammock with two binding strings and tie the strings to the tree


    Two-sided Hammock

    One side with a mosquito net to use in the night, and flip the hammock over to use as a conventional hammock, ideal to use on the beach or your afternoon siesta.

    Designed to be lightweight, durable, portable and compact so you can take it anywhere.

    The portable hammock is made with very strong parachute fabric making it perfect for camping, hiking, trekking, etc.

    Mosquito Net Hammock


    • Nylon mesh material: nylon
    • Specifications: 250 * 120cm / 290 * 145cm
    • Storage size: 30 * 25cm / 35 * 32cm
    • Weight: 738g / 830g
    • Weight: 200 kg
    • Color: Green, blue, dark green

    Installation Instructions

    1. Find two stable trees or columns.
    2. Connect the rope with the tree or column.
    3. Pass the nylon rope through the top of the mosquito net and tie the nylon rope to the branch or column.
    4. The distance between the rope and the ground is suggested to more than 5 feet.
    5. Connect the hammock with the rope.
    6. Hammock to be chair height (12-18 inches) from the ground.





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