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    Portable Mini Washing Machine | Compact Household Washer

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    Tired of washing by hand? Wash whenever, wherever with our Mini Portable Washing Machine.

    Items washed by hand may look clean, but microscopic bacteria lurk in the fabric. Get a clean you can feel confident in, plus save money by washing lingerie and baby items in our compact tabletop washer.

    Portable Automatic Washing Machine

    Perfect for apartment or RV life, this energy-efficient portable washer is a must-have. Get clothes pristine, even cloth diapers, with our mini washer’s ultrasonic sterilization process. The turbine actually spins and you can customize the water level depending on how much you need to wash. With a compact size of 17 x 17 x 17cm, this washer can fit in even the tiniest spaces.

    Portable Rv Washing Machine


    • 18W High Power Speed - A blast of 18W is enough to clean even the deepest stains. The high power speed makes this washer perfect for baby items such as bibs, clothes, and cloth diapers.
    • Auto Shut-off - This mini washer automatically powers down after 30 minutes. So if you get busy, it’s not still sucking power even though the clothes are clean.
    • Forward & Reverse Spinning - Get a deep clean with 15 seconds of forward and reverse rotation. The reversible agitator removes all dirt particles and odors from the fabric. Your clothes will not only look clean but smell clean!
    Ge Portable Washing Machine


    Even running a small load in a regular-sized washer can drive your electric bill up. Our compact mini washer is energy-efficient even for multiple loads!

    Powerful but Gentle

    Large, traditional washers are too rough on delicate fabrics and intimate items. Our mini washer will get your underwear and lingerie truly clean without warping or unraveling.

    Portable Washing Machine Near Me

    Compact & Portable

    No matter how small your space, this mini washer will fit. Take it on the go, so you can wash your underwear, socks, and other small items. No more washing clothes out in the sink! Our compact washer sanitizes so you know it’s truly clean.


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