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    The Gua Sha has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years, naturally contouring and smoothing skin.

    Naturally Contour your Face with Ease.


    The Gua Sha has been used for centuries to create youthful skin and prevent wrinkles. It's skin shaping properties can contour the face naturally over time. Using it just once a day has been found to improve overall skin color and health


    Our Gua Sha is crafted entirely of real gemstones without fillers or harmful dyes. Use small lifting motions along the natural lines of your face in order to smooth your skin. It's perfect for use with a daily moisturizer or facial serum.


    Pulling the Gua Sha across the skin can improve blood flow and promote circulation throughout the face. Improved circulation can prevent blemishes and even out dark spots in your complexion.  

    Directions of use:
    Clean your face. Then, move the Gua Sha stone in outward and upward motions using light to medium pressure, ensuring the tool is always flat (15 degrees) against the skin. After every stroke wiggle & massage towards the ends of the face.  Repeat each stroke a minimum of 3-5 times.

    Steps to use:

    1. Start with the neck in upward strokes - from the collarbone till you reach your jaw. You can also do the sides and the back of the neck going upwards

    2. Using the notched side of the stone, move to the right side of your face, start from your chin, and stroke through your jawline till you reach your ear.

    3.Use the long flat side of the stone to move upwards on the cheek. The stone should rub across your cheek. Support your skin on the opposite side with your other hand.

    4.Move to the under-eye region and place the notched side of the stone right below the eye(facing upward), close to the top of your nose, and stroke it upwards.

    5.Run the notched edge of the stone along your eyebrow and stroke upward and outward.

    Care: You can clean the gua sha using water and a damp cloth or mitt. Do not use hot water or allow any chemicals to touch the natural stone. Handle with care and avoid dropping the product.

    Warning: Due to natural stone formations each tool will be unique. Store in a cool and dry place. For external use only



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