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    Full Face Scuba Diving Mask Anti Fog Goggles Snorkel

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    Want More Free Experience In Snorkelling And Swimming 

    Longer snorkel tube
    Diving mask
    Our snorkel tube is much longer than the old version, so it is easier to disassemble and smoother breathing. A ball at the top of the snorkel tube automatically seals the air valve to prevent water from entrying through the top of the full face snorkel mask.
    Movable camera mount
    Diving mask
    Our camera stand of snorkel mask is adjustable and movable, you can free to adjust the height. While the camera mount of the old version is fixed there.
    Liquid silicone
    Diving mask

    The scuba diving mask is made of liquid silicone, it is environmentally friendly and anti-allergic. While before version is made of normal silicone.
    Full dry top technology
    Diving mask

    Original water stop system, stop water completely. Full face snorkel mask has a soft and durable silicone face skirt to keep water out of your mask, which provides more comfort and a watertight seal.

    180 Degree Panoramic

    Diving mask

    A flat len of full face snorkel mask gives you a better, less distorted view,and a 180-degree panoramic field of vision makes your experience better than traditional snorkel.


    Snorkel Mask   * 1 piece
    Ear Plug       * 1 pair
    Soft Carry Bag * 1 piece
    User Manual    * 1 piece
    Detachable Camera Mount * 1 piece  (Not includes the Camera)



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