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    Eye Massager Magnetic Vibration Tample Pain Relieve Eye Fatigue Machine

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    Give Your Eyes A Break

    Quiet your mind & drift into a state of deep relaxation. Therapulse™ makes it easy!

    A technological feat that brings together the benefits of magnetic therapy and ocular reflexology in a single product.


    Refresh Dry Eyes

    Soothes eye strain & fatigue caused by staring at screens.

    Improve Sleep

    Quiet your mind to sleep better & fall asleep faster.

    More Energy

    Start every day with a smile knowing you outsmarted your pain.

    Reduce Stress

    Releases tension in your body & relaxes your mind.

    Eliminate Eye Bags

    Stimulates blood flow to rejuvenate skin & reduce puffiness.

    Relieve Migraines

    A reliable solution to relieve and prevent headaches. 

    4D full-package air pressure massage, regularly press 9 points around the eyes to relieve eye fatigue

    The Therapulse™ Eye Massager includes 5 different modes which you can choose from:

    1. Relief Mode: Vibrate + Pressure + Heat + Music
    2. Relax Mode: Vibrate + Pressure + Music
    3. Eye Mode: Heat + Air pressure + Music
    4. Alleviation Mode: Air pressure + Music
    5. Sleep Mode: Heat + Music

    *You can always turn off the built-in music or connect it to your own device through Bluetooth to listen to your own preferred song or meditation!

    Can be folded at 180°

    How To Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes


    Size: 22cm*15cm*10cm Weight: 280g
    Battery: lithium battery
    Battery capacity: 1600mA
    Material: Polyurethane
    Vibration frequency: 60-80 times per second
    Charging method: USB


    Please remove the contact lenses beforehand. Do not use this product for people who have eye injuries, inflammation, or burns.

    Six major product features

    Air pressure massage, constant temperature hot compress, vibration massage, Bluetooth music, long-term battery life, portable storage



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