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    Premium Inflatable Outdoor Dome | Sturdy Stargaze Tent With Tunnel

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    Love the outdoors but want all the comforts of home? Then, ditch the tent! 

    Bubble Tent Airbnb

    The Outdoor Dome lets you truly commune with Mother Nature. You can stargaze and watch your beautiful surroundings from your snug, little bubble.

    Traditional tents make no sense. The point of camping is to be outdoors but you can’t see anything from inside a tent. Our sturdy stargazing tent is 100% see-through. With it, you keep all the critters and bugs out while enjoying a front row seat to all Mother Nature has to offer.

    The air flow design keeps the dome inflated and the interior at the perfect temperature. Glamping at its finest! It’s easily rolled up, so you can take it anywhere. Or, park it permanently in the backyard for a one-of-a-kind outdoor living / entertaining space.

    Bubble Tent Rental


    • Quiet Airstream Engineering: The airstream design allows air to flow around the dome for optimal comfort. The blowers give off a quiet, non-annoying background noise to help you relax.
    • 100% Waterproof: The Outdoor Dome is made of 100% waterproof material. Its durable design is made to last for years of use. Simply stake down your dome, and you’re ready for any weather.
    Outdoor Bubble Tent
    • Zips Close for Safety: Seal out bugs and animals with the zippered door. Sleep in peace knowing the dome is secure.
    • Included Electrical Access: Several electrical ports are included, so you can run cords into the dome. This allows you to use generators or portable heating / cooling units.

    Transparent Bubble Tent

    Easy To Assemble

    Assembly is a matter of minutes. When it’s time to assemble, simply lay it out, turn on the blowers, and stake the dome into the ground.

    Portable & Compact for Storage / Travel 

    Though large when expanded, the Outdoor Dome flattens and rolls up for easy transport. Take it anywhere!

    Bubble House Tent

    Spacious See-Through Luxury

    Our transparent Outdoor Dome is your ticket to the great outdoors! Take it on your next camping trip for the perfect romantic getaway or set it up as a permanent fixture in your yard. The options are endless. Think of your Outdoor Dome as a blank canvas.

    Pop Up Bubble Tent


    • Material: High quality PVC, Polyester waterproof fabric + Adhesive waterproof layer
    • Color: Transparent
    • Weight: 22 lbs
    • Measurement: 3m Diameter, 2m Channel


    • Enhanced Inflatable Outdoor Dome | Sturdy Stargaze Tent With Tunnel
    • 300W Air Blower



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