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    Bicycle LED Wheel Lights

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    Light up your wheels with our cool LED Bicycle Lights! Wheel lights are loved by boys and girls, men and women of all ages! Not only do they provide for greater safety in low light conditions, but they show off your own unique style and fun! Choose from six popular color options— white, blue, green, pink, red and colorful.


    • Provides style and safety for night riders of all ages

    • Bright and powerful light visible during the day and night

    • Waterproof, so it can be used during the rain

    • Attachable to ANY bicycle spokes

    • The battery turns off automatically to save power

    Easy installation in under 10 seconds!

    16LED super thunder person double-sided display, the real 32 kinds of fancy flashing new hot wheels, one is 32 kinds of flashing method, a super-bull one wire lamp, and still constant light mode + dual control (sensing + vibration Control the glare is not bright, do not waste electricity oh) mode. Key switch machine (more power saving, no need to wait). This lamp uses PC material and is super waterproof. It is the best waterproof one on the market. Even the rainy riders can use it with confidence. Definitely worth having ~~~~

    Double sense 16 light fancy hot wheels tire light hot wheels absolutely new highlights at night

    ★ colorful fancy ★ light control + vibration double sense + button switch ★ bicycle hot wheels


    It is recommended to buy 2 at a time, one for each of the front and rear wheels.

    Buy 3 batteries of No. 7 now, a group of batteries can be used continuously for up to 48 hours. One and a half hours of riding a day, you can also use one and a half months. No power consumption is a big advantage of our lights!

    The function mode of the button is as follows: long press for 2 seconds without turning on, enter double sense mode, short press to switch to long light mode (4 LEDs in the inner circle light up), then short press to switch back to double sense mode (*** * 4 LEDs light up), if you turn off the phone and press and hold for 2 seconds.

    All of the following renderings were taken by a hot wheel with a wheel size of 20 inches or more and a speed of 15 kilometers per hour. Four seconds automatic conversion pattern, a total of 32 maps



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