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    Baby Monitor | Smart Wireless Security Baby Camera with Temperature Monitoring And Alarm

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    What’s more important than knowing your baby is safe? Absolutely nothing. That’s why you need a baby monitor that’s up to the task. With baby cry detection and a crisp 1080p image and night vision, you’ll sleep soundly knowing the Smart Wireless Security Baby Camera is on the job.

    Best Baby Monitor Camera

    Analyze your baby’s sleep patterns, live stream baby antics for far-away family members, and monitor the temperature and humidity of baby’s room. You can even record yourself singing baby’s favorite lullaby to play back later. Compatible with Alexa and Google Home, this baby monitor is designed to give parents peace of mind and can be easily controlled from your smartphone.


    • Built-in Nightlight & Night Vision - This monitor was made for those middle-of-the-night diaper changes and feedings. When the fear of the dark strikes in toddlerhood, easily turn the nightlight on and off from your smartphone, or adjust the brightness.
    • Record Your Voice - Record your voice to play for baby once you’ve left the room or have to be away. Soothe baby with a sweet lullaby without having to go back in the room.
    • Daily Smart Album - The accompanying smartphone app captures your baby’s cutest awake moments so you can replay them later. Share with family or friends.
    • Two-Way Communication - This monitor’s two-way communication will see your little one well into school-age years. Use the two-way communication to reassure a crying baby you’re on your way or to tell your older child it’s time for dinner.
    Audio Baby Monitor

    Private & Secure

    For privacy, we recommend making your WiFi network as secure as possible. With properly secured WiFi, this monitor is virtually unhackable. 

    Baby Cry Alarm

    Don’t worry that you’ll miss the baby crying if you turn down the volume. The baby cry detection feature will alert you to any spikes in noise.

    Top Baby Monitors

    Easy Setup 

    Get your monitor set up and running in a manner of minutes. Simply download the app and follow the instructions.



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